Teaching English in China

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As China is becoming a global financial force, English language market is growing fast since improving English competency amongst China’s new generation is emerging as a major focus for the Chinese government. Teaching positions are typicaly available in pivate language schools, public schools, International schools, or private international schools. All our Chinese partners offer competitive salary, which includes a variety of benefits, depending on the type of school. 

Canada-China Business Alliances

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We will provide your company with information and practical advice on Chinese market, political and social situation to help you make accurate and timely business decisions to export, establish your company abroad, tackle a market access issue or pursue a joint-venture or strategic alliance.

For a Canada-based manufacturer, distributor or a company seeking to establish or expand China operation, the thought of doing business in China can be intimidating and complicating. We at East West Focus are trying to make the world’s largest market approachable by working with you to formulate and implement plans for capitalizing on business opportunities in China.

With offices in Toronto and Beijing, we’ll help you sell your products or services in China, or buy intermediate or finished goods from Chinese suppliers. We also provide consulting services to private and government owned companies and individuals, in finding and setting up business relationships with Chinese counterparts by acting as an agent and adviser in various stages of any business project. We are committed to the needs of business owners and entrepreneurs in both countries.

Success in China requires a strong understanding of your business capabilities, development of long-term relationships, and an in-depth knowledge of this challenging market. That is where we can help and guide you through the process of applying for business license; company name registration; certificate of approval; register with Government Bureaus; opening of bank accounts; company chop creation approval; enterprise code; registration; tax registration etc.

Businesses are invited to register as Canada-China Business Alliances members and free to submit partnership, call for proposal and investment project information. 


1. Environment Protection

2. Clean Energy

3. Manufacturing 

   a. Machinery, automation

   b. Food Processing

4. Education & Training

5. Logistics and Supply Chain

6. Transportation 

7. Aerospace & Aviation

8. Health & Life Science

9. Import & Export

10. Service Industry

11. Any others

Email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with details.

Young Ambassador Program

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Annual Youth Amabssador Mission to China:

1. Youth Environmental Protection Ambassador Mission

2. Young Entrepreneur Mission

3. Global Cross Cultural Exchange Ambassador Mission

Jobs in China

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The current economic development in China creates tremendous need for different job opportunities regardless of the industry. Getting to know the Chinese culture in a professional business setting and contributing to develop Chinese industry-specific skills is an invaluable and incomparable opportunity for any type of professional.

As a result of unprecedented economic growth and modernization in last twenty years nowadays China offers multiple opportunities for placements and professional jobs, where skilled professionals across a wide range of industries are very welcome. Apart from being financially rewarding working in China offers plenty of other benefits that might interest Canadian professionals. One of the biggest benefits of working in China is that you get to meet people from different cultural backgrounds, gain exceptional work experience, establish reliable network of business contacts and improve intercultural and interpersonal communication skills. 

East West Focus International has connections with Chinas jobs.com, Foreign Experts bureau and small and medium businesses and can find placement and match skills with the needs of Chinese partners. Our research will produce opportunities for the best salary for candidate’s skills and working experience. It is also worth considering that in most Chinese cities the cost of living is still lower than in Canada. Therefore, reduced cost of living and high salaries will bring excellent financial career benefits for interested professionals.

Exchange Mission

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Study missions and visits facilitate and enhance the effective communication, exchange and collaboration between Canadian and Chinese proffesionals through the provision of a wide range of programs and services.

East West Focus International has a wealth of knowledge, experience and business connections in China and Canada to organize various types of Trade Missions aiming at strengthening and promoting greater economic, business and cultural ties between Canada and China. These Missions allow participants to extend friendship, establish connections, strengthen existing relations, promote Canadian investment products and services, explore opportunities for joint ventures, and source potential suppliers.

Our experience is that Trade missions to China and to Canada from China open doors to high-level networking opportunities and are excellent vehicle for exchange of ideas between leaders of federal, provincial and municipal leaders and business executives and managers from both countries.

It is especially viable opportunity to provide Canadian cities and businesses access and comprehensive insight into the dynamic Chinese market – its vast scale of economy, diversity and potential.

Typically these missions would include

• Participation in a series of business events such as:
   * Meetings with Consular Officials,
   * Local Economic Development Agencies and Business Associations,
   * Briefing on Business Opportunities and Sectoral Information,
   * Visit to Key Industrial Zones,
   * Business Forums and Networking Sessions,
   * Pre-arranged Business Appointments, etc.
• Attendance to Economic and Business Development Forums in major Chinese cities.
• Opportunity to visit your preferred "Sister City" or Partner City in China.

Benefits to the participating members of Trade missions are:
• Foster strong trade and economic ties between cities in Canada and China.
• Create new cooperation opportunities for cities and businesses.
• Lay groundwork and establish relationships with several cities that are considered economic powerhouse in China.
• Meet with companies that are establishing their presence in Canada.
• Opportunity to present a speech and introduce your cities, agencies and businesses.
• Opportunity to showcase your products, services and expertise by hosting and sponsoring Individual Information Session for Chinese partners.

Study Tours and exploratory missions for Chinese partners in Canada are designed to meet the training needs and professional interest of Chinese government officials and managers of public and private enterprises by providing direct exposure and learning opportunities. These types of missions are conceived to address specific needs of our Chinese partners and rely on our network of experts, training professionals and business contacts from all three levels of Canadian government and large and small enterprises.

Missions promote the exchange of information and business linkages aiming at enhancement of economic cooperation and development. Typical duration of these tours is anywhere between one to three weeks and include workshops, seminars on site visits and networking sessions.